Katie Couric Diggs the Conventions


So Katie Couric is asking Digg to provide questions to ask Obama and McCain at the Democratic and Republican conventions. If only she knew what she was getting herself into! Let’s hope they can push biases aside and ask the questions the people really want to hear. There are some very good ones!

Even though I’m not American, I still asked one:

To both:

what is your stand on bringing the average Internet connection in America up to par with those of Japan and parts of Europe? Are there plans to use the $200 billion put in in 2006 to bring the US’ connection up to standards? Or will education and technological advances be pushed aside once more?


Ich bein ein German!

Dear Google, I’m not German. I appreciate the thought though. Really.

Hotmail: unable to recognize its own supported browser for 11 years!

Really now, if my Firefox isn’t Firefox, then I don’t know what it is. And second, why does Hotmail even need to tell which browser I’m using in the first place? Websites should be made for the web. It shouldn’t matter what browser, operating system, or architecture you’re using. Not that that’s a concept Microsoft will ever get.

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When did Digg’s ads start bypassing Adblock Plus?

Adblock Plus is clearly installed and enabled:

But Digg’s ads don’t care:

Is Digg getting smarter, or is Adblock getting dumber? You decide.

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CSS Forums

I’d like to point you all to ThinkBuntu’s new relaunched site:


Right now it’s just a forum, but back in its day it also had a wiki in which I worked extensively on. After that, I just kind of went MIA (probably in the same vein that I went quiet on Ubuntu Forums). Anyway, I’m back on it and I wish the best of luck to ThinkBuntu and his forum!