To all Openbox users

I’m currently setting up a PPA for the most commonly used packages for Openbox users. It’s going to have the latest versions of Openbox, Nitrogen, and if I can get it to compile, sakura.

The PPA is here:

Got any suggestions? Let me know! 🙂

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My Openbox menu

Since I’ve lost this once before, I decided to post it here: this is my Openbox menu, which is essentially the same as my Gnome menu, but with a few changes here and there. Very useful. I’ve attached it here:

Place it under ~/.config/openbox/. Note that doing so will overwrite your current menu!

Howto: put Simdock on all workspaces in Openbox

Simdock is an AWN-like dock for Ubuntu. It doesn’t require a compositing manager like xcompmgr or Compiz to run, so it makes a good choice of dock for lightweight window managers.

Here’s a screenshot:

To install simdock:

sudo apt-get install simdock

To make simdock look transparent, you need to set your wallpaper as the background:

simdock -b=/path/to/wallpaper.jpg

To have it set to be above all windows, run it as so:

simdock -y

One thing simdock won’t do is place itself on all workspaces. Thankfully, if you use Openbox, there’s an easy trick. Open up ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml:

nano ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml

and place this between <applications> and </applications>:

<application class=”Simdock”>

Log out and in and the changes will take effect. Enjoy!

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