Nathive 0.810

Nathive is a new image editor for Linux, announced today. From their site:

Nathive is a free software image editor, similar to Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photo-Paint or The GIMP, but focusing on usability, logic and provide a smooth learning curve for everyone. The project run over gnome desktop and everyone can colaborate in it with code, translations or ideas.

Here are some screenshots:

I’m impressed that they’ve made an image editor that’s both powerful and usable. Personally, I’d be just as impressed with a version of gpaint with an “Undo” button. 😛

You can check it out at; however, the download links aren’t up yet. Keep an eye out for it though; it looks promising!


Synaptic 0.62 for Hardy

The main new feature in this version is “Quick Search”, a search bar that allows you to start searching right away, rather than clicking the Search button and waiting.

Here’s a screenshot:

I’ve built it for 8.04 Hardy Heron here:

You may need to install apt-xapian-index for it to work:

sudo apt-get install apt-xapian-index


Howto: put Simdock on all workspaces in Openbox

Simdock is an AWN-like dock for Ubuntu. It doesn’t require a compositing manager like xcompmgr or Compiz to run, so it makes a good choice of dock for lightweight window managers.

Here’s a screenshot:

To install simdock:

sudo apt-get install simdock

To make simdock look transparent, you need to set your wallpaper as the background:

simdock -b=/path/to/wallpaper.jpg

To have it set to be above all windows, run it as so:

simdock -y

One thing simdock won’t do is place itself on all workspaces. Thankfully, if you use Openbox, there’s an easy trick. Open up ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml:

nano ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml

and place this between <applications> and </applications>:

<application class=”Simdock”>

Log out and in and the changes will take effect. Enjoy!

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New activity

You may have noticed I’ve been a lot more active at Ubuntu Forums lately (actually, I’m hoping you haven’t and have better things to do). For many months I was barely active and hardly posted at all. Now that I think about it, GNOME is to blame.

You see, I had managed to get GNOME set up to a point that it was perfectly usable for me. The problem is, it was too usable; there were no flaws whatsoever. It was so flawless that I hardly felt the need to visit Ubuntu Forums, since everything was perfect as is and I needed no help. It’s every Linux n00b’s dream, but my nightmare. It was so…BORING! 😛

That being said, I decided to switch to Openbox. I worked from the ground up hacking at every config file I could find. I went and tried out dozens of programs until I found ones that fit me best. I asked questions, helped other members out, gave tips — and while I was doing it, I thought, “I feel like a Linux user again”.

By switching back to Openbox I felt what I truly loved about open source: the warm sense of community, the chance to contribute and share, and the ability to help out thousands of users with what took you just a couple hours to do. This, my friends, is what it’s all about. 🙂

Jus’ wanted to let you all know that. It’s great to be back in the community again.

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