To all Openbox users

I’m currently setting up a PPA for the most commonly used packages for Openbox users. It’s going to have the latest versions of Openbox, Nitrogen, and if I can get it to compile, sakura.

The PPA is here:

Got any suggestions? Let me know! 🙂

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7 Responses to “To all Openbox users”

  1. edvard Says:

    Somebody make a binary, please.
    Better yet, a .deb uploaded to Ubuntu repositories.
    LXPanel works nicely with OB, if you like panels and all.

  2. toodumbforgentoo Says:

    For some reason it wouldn’t build on my PPA, but here’s a deb:

  3. edvard Says:

    Thanks, it installed fine but there’s no config to speak of and I couldn’t get it to actually work. For some reason, fbpager wouldn’t work for me either. Dang, I’m addicted to those pager thingies!

    Also, in order for OpenBox to show up with my preferred resolution and screen refresh, I had to put ‘xfce-mcs-manager &’ in my If you’re using OpenBox with Gnome or KDE, I assume you can do something similar with whatever tools they provide, but if you’re using OpenBox alone, I wonder is there such a thing as a stand-alone display configger?

    Thanks for the tip on Sakura. Looks nice.

  4. edvard Says:

    Obmenu is a nice little python app for editing your OB menus:
    I’ve been digging around your PPA. Good stuff in there. Tint2 looks interesting, have you tried BmPanel? It looks similar and it has desktop switching built-in. Configuration is by themes, which can be confusing as there is no help or man page.
    Looks like you got desktop switching covered but I’m still looking for a simple pager thingie. Obpager, fbpager and bbpager were disappointing.
    The desktop switcher module in LxPanel works ok, but doesn’t look very nice.
    Visibility is kinda cute, and it actually works:
    Take your pick of the original, or the Python version.

  5. toodumbforgentoo Says:

    I tried BMPanel, but it wasn’t for me. GetDeb has debs for it:
    I’m sorry you’ve had trouble finding a good pager. I just use Ctrl-Alt-Left or right arrow for desktop switching. This may help:
    As for visibility, here’s a deb:

  6. joey_madrox Says:

    Im trying to install xubuntu on my ps3,but when i select a kerenel it messes up,please help me!

  7. joey_madrox Says:

    Hello,i’m trying to install xubuntu,on my ps3,but when i go to select a kernel it messes up!,help me!

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