Howto: put Simdock on all workspaces in Openbox

Simdock is an AWN-like dock for Ubuntu. It doesn’t require a compositing manager like xcompmgr or Compiz to run, so it makes a good choice of dock for lightweight window managers.

Here’s a screenshot:

To install simdock:

sudo apt-get install simdock

To make simdock look transparent, you need to set your wallpaper as the background:

simdock -b=/path/to/wallpaper.jpg

To have it set to be above all windows, run it as so:

simdock -y

One thing simdock won’t do is place itself on all workspaces. Thankfully, if you use Openbox, there’s an easy trick. Open up ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml:

nano ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml

and place this between <applications> and </applications>:

<application class=”Simdock”>

Log out and in and the changes will take effect. Enjoy!

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When did Digg’s ads start bypassing Adblock Plus?

Adblock Plus is clearly installed and enabled:

But Digg’s ads don’t care:

Is Digg getting smarter, or is Adblock getting dumber? You decide.

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CSS Forums

I’d like to point you all to ThinkBuntu’s new relaunched site:

Right now it’s just a forum, but back in its day it also had a wiki in which I worked extensively on. After that, I just kind of went MIA (probably in the same vein that I went quiet on Ubuntu Forums). Anyway, I’m back on it and I wish the best of luck to ThinkBuntu and his forum!

New activity

You may have noticed I’ve been a lot more active at Ubuntu Forums lately (actually, I’m hoping you haven’t and have better things to do). For many months I was barely active and hardly posted at all. Now that I think about it, GNOME is to blame.

You see, I had managed to get GNOME set up to a point that it was perfectly usable for me. The problem is, it was too usable; there were no flaws whatsoever. It was so flawless that I hardly felt the need to visit Ubuntu Forums, since everything was perfect as is and I needed no help. It’s every Linux n00b’s dream, but my nightmare. It was so…BORING! 😛

That being said, I decided to switch to Openbox. I worked from the ground up hacking at every config file I could find. I went and tried out dozens of programs until I found ones that fit me best. I asked questions, helped other members out, gave tips — and while I was doing it, I thought, “I feel like a Linux user again”.

By switching back to Openbox I felt what I truly loved about open source: the warm sense of community, the chance to contribute and share, and the ability to help out thousands of users with what took you just a couple hours to do. This, my friends, is what it’s all about. 🙂

Jus’ wanted to let you all know that. It’s great to be back in the community again.

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#!/bin/sh echo “Hello world”

Well well, look who’s blogging again. You probably know me as the guy behind Xubuntu Blog. That site still gets tons of hits, but I feel like my readers are being gypped when I never update. I also felt it was hard to always write in that niche; this blog will probably still revolve around Linux, but it will be more of a general-purpose blog than one about Xubuntu.

Now you may be thinking: what separates this from every other Linux tips and tricks blog? Well, the answer to that is absolutely nothing. It’s mainly written for my own use, and for when I’m feeling self-centered enough to write a how-to that applies only to me.

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